En Plw

well in free translation it meens "οn sea". formed in athens in 1985. They released their first demo in 1987. The next year recorded their selftitled Lp which released in 1989. The track "dream" from this record is dedicated to Mixalis Prekas.
A radical murdered by the police. Soon later the band recorded a 12" ep with 5 songs but never released for public. Realesed only 10 copies and a 7" ep with the fanzine " At the shadows of B-23". Their sound is a mixture of post punk (joy division were their major influenced), guitar rock and greek traditional music (rebetika) and that's makes the band unique !!! (also used some greek traditional instruments)
Members of the band were Ntinos Sadikis(vocals), Dimos Zamanos (guitars and vocals), Kostas kalogirou (drums). Also mebers of the band were Hristos Politis - drums (1985-1987), Dimitris Kafousias - drums (1985-1987) and Stratos Alimonos - keybords (1987). Unfortunately Dimos Zamanos suicided few years ago

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