In Trance 95

2 members formed the band in the mid 80s. An experimental electro pop band. They released the single "Desire To Desire / Brazilia" in 1988 on wipe out records and one more split with data data.

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Alex said...

In Trance 95 debut lp "Code of Obsession" followed on 1990 on wipe out records as well as one more 12inch "Moovit" (1991). The band continued on legendary ELFISH records with "Warm Nights" 12" and "Radiotelescope Mysteries" LP on 1991 and recorded 2 more singles that ended up on compilations of the same label "Energy-ia" and "Lesser Water Snake" (1992). "Overcast" and "Ocean" 4 track ep's followed on INDIVISIBLE recs on 95 and 96 and last show on 1st rockwave. IN TRANCE 95 or ITENEF reformed on 2006 and they are recording for UNDO recs in Greece. Soon their new lp will see the light of day.
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Anonymous said...

In Trance 95 are reformed with the original line up (A.Machairas/N.Veliotis) and signed to NY label Minimal Wave that will release their "Cities Of Steel And Neon" LP that will include their first classic 7inch as well as their early tapes, remastered. IT95 are currently putting the final touches at their new album, also to be released latter part of the year.