South of no North

South of no North
formed in 1984. They took their name fron a book title of Charles Bukowski. In 1984 they released their first lp "Lacrimae christi" by creep records and in 1986 "Fell frozen" lp also on creep records. In 1989 they released the 3rd and final lp called "South of no north" by Wipe out records. In 1991 they released an lp with unreleased stuff and alternative versions of previous songs. Well... for me, is somewhere between nick cave and the bad seeds and joy division

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South of No North
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☥ Elena Addams ☥ said...

Καταπληκτικο συγκροτημα! Δε μπορω να βρω στιχους απο τα τραγουδια τους, μπορειτε να μου δωσετε καποιο link?