Viridian Green

Viridian Green were a band somewhere between new wave and experimental electro pop. Maybe remind you Human League from their early experimental period. I am not very certain but i think they formed in 1980 or a year before. They released a record called 'HΩ" in 1988. Actually the band is Glaufx Garland who runs now the cult label CAPP and still makes music. Some months ago Capp released a cd-r demo with Viridian Green 1st lp plus some unreleased recordings from early-'mid 80s. (some infos at the back side of cd-r: music, vocals, and words glaufx garland, music: g. christou, g alexandris,g nouvakis)
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Anonymous said...

viridian green where experimenting on the primal synth music & the first nw, like chrome-gary numan etc... mixing also middle-age music, 70's glam and many other ingredients(!) nice site!