Xoris perideraio (without neckless)

Formed in athens in late 1983. They were a minimal- synth-pop-electro-punk (yes i know many surnames to duscribe their music. Members were nick aggelis (keybords and vocals), kostas kollias (keybords), and Pantelis Petronikolas (guitar). In 1983 released the 7" from "Art Nouveau" and in 1985 released the lp "dance for music". In this record participated John Drenogiannis (ex member of Cpt Nefos), George Drakopoulos (keybords) and Stefanos Laretzakis (drums). After the release of the record the band split. Some members continued in other bands like "Anti Troppau Council" , "Libido Blume", "Yeah" (another good band. Some people described them as the greek Wipers) and moist device

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Anonymous said...

Γειά χαρά,
πολύ ωραίο το site. Αν θέλεις, πήγαινε εδώ "http://cgi.di.uoa.gr/~tliaskas/sleeves/horperlive1.jpg" και θα βρείς ένα δωράκι σχετικό με το group.